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kiklos architects is a Bronze Winner at IDA Design Awards 2022

Updated: Jan 24

Our project "The Home Office @ TSC, Dubai" was recognized as a Bronze Winner at the 2022 edition of the IDA Design Awards within the "Interior Design Conceptual" category.

The IDA Design Awards has recognized kiklos architects' "The Home Office @ TSC, Dubai" as a Bronze Winner within the "Interior Design Conceptual" category.

A project developed still during the Covid-19 pandemic, it focused on creating two separate workstations within the 3-storey villa, in order to independently serve the adults of the family.

Combined with the extension of the floor area on the third floor, where a complete new home-office was created, a work "nook" was also crafted on the second floor, making use of redundant floor space.

The entire concept saw elements of black aluminum frames combined with intricately designed wooden elements embrace the entire space in a contiguous manner, enabling a modern yet warm and welcoming ambience throughout.

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