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Grammatiki Zamani participates at the Workspace Summit Index Dubai 2023

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Our Founder Grammatiki Zamani has participated in the discussion panel "Collaborative Workspaces" during the 2023 edition of the Workspace Dubai exhibition, part of the 2023 Index Dubai.

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Grammatiki Zamani, Ernst Holzapfel, Indu Varanasi, Vijay Nambiar, and Ana Adriano brought diverse perspectives on collaborative workspaces and the challenges of creating environments that encourage teamwork and collaboration.

In the words of Indu Varanasi, the panel "explored the psychological facets of design as they impact the modern collaborative workspace. If anything requires design consciousness, it’s translating a dynamic collaboration agenda into a physical workspace."

What makes an office inclusive enough to give you the space you need to think along with ready access to creative resources and teamwork?

Transitioning from remote working to hybrid or other models, do you need your office to feel as welcoming as your home? Is good food and drink within easy reach a strong motivator to come to the office and meet people face-to-face?

What kind of states does your body cycle through during the day, and which furniture and kind of work area would you find most supportive? Do you brainstorm best with your coworkers in an open green space or does a closed meeting area without disturbance work better for you?

Certainly a non-exhaustive list of considerations when creating a potentially future-proof (at least in the short term) workspace for our clients!

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