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Grammatiki Zamani presents at Nolte Middle East Design Workshop

Our Founder Grammatiki Zamani has participated at Nolte Middle East's Design Workshop, presenting and discussing about "Designing Lifestyles".

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Grammatiki was invited by Nolte Middle East to take part in its Design Workshop, focused on the enhancement and development of their MENA region design team.

Elaborating on topics such as personalization, customer focus and enhanced technical knowledge, Grammatiki shared her years of expertise with the audience, providing practical suggestions on how to provide a unique experience to the clients by listening to their needs and, above all, understanding their lifestyle and usage of the space.

"Designing a kitchen is not just compiling different types of cupboards, appliances and countertops that look beautiful when put together. A much deeper discussion and understanding of how the client (and the entire family) use the kitchen and the surrounding space is absolutely fundamental for a successful project" explained Grammatiki.

An engaging Q&A session followed where some of the designers posed real-life issues they face at work and Grammatiki proposed several actionable practical examples to elevate the client experience.

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