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AH Residence project is an Award Winner at the Arabian Property Awards 2022-2023

Once again our coveted AH Residence project in Abu Dhabi was recognized by the committee of the Arabian Property Awards as a winner in the Landscape Architecture category.

landscape architecture abu dhabi dubai uae award winner
kiklos architects represented by Grammatiki Zamani, Founder and Principal Architect, Leonardo Herman, Managing Director and Ioanna Makri, Senior Architect

This project was developed for a golf course villa located the Yas Acres development in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The clients requested an elegant, very green, and calm ambience, that would pleasantly extend the family’s everyday life to the whole property, by “bringing the outdoor area inside”.

abu dhabi villa golf course yas island pool palm tree

The synthesis started with two circular pools, with different depths for adults and children, merging into an interesting shape and forming the central point of the backyard. Geometric pergolas were placed around the pool to host seating areas, as well as the private gym, which enjoys a blissful view of the swimming pool and lush vegetation, which was also part of the clients’ brief/request for this project.

abu dhabi landscape uae

See more of the AH Residence project on our website:

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