Our own collection of concrete furniture.

kiklos tables

Copyright 2021 - Grammatiki Zamani. All Rights Reserved.


Inspired by greek traditional architecture, kiklos by Grammatiki Zamani  is our exclusive collection of concrete furniture carrying all the style and uniqueness of our Founder to your home or office.

Elegance and simplicity are combined with outstanding durability, able to withstand the harshest weather conditions in outdoor spaces, owing to the GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) building method.

Each piece is made to order and can be customized in a selected variety of concrete tones or Terrazzo.


All units are numbered and carry their certificate of authenticity.

Contact us directly for more information on how to acquire one of these statement pieces.

Copyright 2021 - Grammatiki Zamani. All Rights Reserved.


Meet the Designer

Copyright 2021 - Grammatiki Zamani. All Rights Reserved.

Grammatiki was born in Northern Greece, at the footsteps of Mount Olympus.


A graduate from the National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture and Engineering,

she has worked as an Architect/Engineer in Greece and subsequently in the UAE.

Her inspiration derives from greek traditional architecture, modernism, Japanese and contemporary architecture.

All pieces of kiklos by Grammatiki Zamani are exclusively and masterfully produced by Khansaheb Industries in the United Arab Emirates.