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We endeavor a continuous search for improvement on our processes, materials, energy usage and waste management within our operation. We are keen to do our part and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world for us and for our children.

Governed by our Environmental Management Policy (available below), several direct initiatives are continuously
implemented throughout the business in order to reduce our carbon footprint and material wastage, such as:

As a starting point, most of kiklos operations' logistics needs around the UAE are accomplished with Electric Vehicles, greatly reducing our overall CO2 emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels.   

We have also pledged to contribute 1% of our revenue towards Carbon Removal initiatives, in partnership with Stripe Climate. Read more about it

We rolled out reusable NFC bamboo business cards for our team. The use of electronic documents and contracts has been maximized and, when unavoidable, we encourage the use of recycled paper in our office, and support our partners and clients to do the same.

We also contribute towards reducing the amount of our waste going into landfill by directing part of the produced waste for composting, with the great support of The Waste Lab.

Furthermore, we offer our clients design and materials choices to reduce the carbon footprint in their facilities. We partner with like-minded suppliers and service providers who are willing to join forces for a more sustainable future. 


To reach out and participate or contribute to our ESG initiatives, email us at:

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