kiklos architects is a Dubai-based boutique architectural design studio, founded in 2020.

We offer comprehensive architecture design consultancy services for residential and commercial projects. Devoted to small and medium-scale projects, we focus on evoking emotions and enhancing the user’s experience of the designed space.

All of our projects are designed with a creative and disciplined approach to meet the clients’ individual needs and executed with a commitment to quality and credibility, favoring and enabling the usage of sustainable processes and materials.


Bespoke furniture design in a variety of materials and unique solutions to the most diverse spaces are also an integral part of what we do.

The studio is deliberately limited in size to maintain the highest degree of input, customization and project supervision for our clients.

Grammatiki Zamani

Founder | Architect Engineer


Born in Greece, Grammatiki graduated from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, School of Architecture and Engineering.

She has worked in Athens as an architect/engineer before relocating to the UAE in 2013. She has developed and participated in several projects as a freelancer consultant architect, before founding kiklos.


Grammatiki is the creative mind behind kiklos’ projects. She strives to translate individuals’ aspirations into designed space, in a differentiated manner, with innovative solutions and perspectives. She strongly believes in understanding the clients’ needs and optimal use of space.

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Leonardo Herman

Managing Partner


Leonardo acts as Managing Partner for kiklos architects since its inception.

Living in the UAE since 2008, he has a profound understanding of the Emirates' various properties' specifications and particularities.


He also combines his extensive experience in the aviation industry with his qualifications in Strategy, Sustainability and Risk and Project Management, adding a practical, pragmatic as well as risk-based evaluation to all of our concepts and processes.

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Happiness and Well-Being Consultant


Berenice is the most loving and kind dog we have ever met. We are so lucky to have adopted her back in 2016, after she endured several moments of tough survival, having been merciless let go on the streets.

Her proficiency in savoring treats of all types, colors, sizes and tastes is remarkable, and she is our stand-by doorbell, never missing to announce a single visitor, always making use of endless canine fanfare.

She is in charge of the daily upkeep of our high spirits at kiklos and constantly reminds us what love and loyalty is all about.